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Today in History
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California wildfires fueled by hot, dry weather
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Live Updates: 2020 presidential election heats up after first debate
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Proud Boys organizer, celebrating Trump endorsement, says group will keep battling left-wing activists
Photos: Far-right groups, feeling support from Trump, find fertile recruiting ground in the Northwest
Far-right groups, feeling support from Trump, find fertile recruiting ground in the Northwest
U.S. appeals court blocks Trump from shutting down the census count early
Pompeo urges Vatican to condemn China over human rights abuses
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Historic California law establishes path to reparations
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Deadly fires in California have claimed at least 30 lives this year
Court approves $800M settlement for MGM Resorts, Vegas shooting victims
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Seagram's Heiress Sentenced In Nxivm Sex Trafficking Ring Case
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Trump Senior Adviser Brad Parscale Steps Away From Campaign After Police Incident
'I Like What I See': FAA Chief Flies 737 Max, But Not Ready To Recertify Plane
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Clash among migrants in Bosnia kills 2, injures 18
Dutch COVID death toll much higher than reported in first wave: statistics agency
Japanese man pleads guilty to murdering nine after contacting them via Twitter
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Ukraine hits record daily high of 4,069 new coronavirus cases, security council says
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Defector rape case highlights widespread abuse of North Korean women
Trump campaign senior advisor Brad Parscale is 'stepping away' from the campaign. He was hospitalized over the weekend after threatening self-harm.
Video shows cop ignoring woman who fell head-first on patrol car floor while hogtied
Trump senior campaign adviser Parscale steps down after arrest